Skallie Business Services

Skallie Business Services


I'm a practising member of the Southern African Institute of Business Accountants (SAIBA), qualified to act as an Accounting Officer for Closed Corporations. I'm also registered as a tax practitioner with SARS and the South African Institute of Tax Practitioners (SAIT).


I offer a complete accounting service, from basic first entry bookkeeping to annual financial statements. As a tax practitioner I handle all tax matters from registration for PAYE and VAT to monthly returns / payments, to annual income tax returns and assessment objections and appeals. I also have experience in dealing with CIPC, the companies registrar, for complying with the requirements of the Companies Act and it's regulations.

How much of the above I do for you will depend on how much you are able to do yourself. For instance if your are computer literate and want to learn a bookkeeping system so that you can do your own invoicing, and even the cash book, I will set up QuickBooks for you and train you how to use it. Then I will provide continuous support and help you make the most of it. In such a case I will basically oversee your bookkeeping, solve any problems you may encounter, make sure the records are complete and accurate, and do the final monthly management accounts and prepare the annual financial statements. If you don't want to do the basic bookkeeping yourself, I will do that for you.


Basic bookkeeping
Quickbooks: installation, setting up, training and ongoing support
Monthly management reports
Year-end closing of books
Annual financial statements
Tax returns: VAT & PAYE
Income tax: personal & companies


My monthly fee for a small business is around R600 to R1000, depending on the size of your business and the volume of transactions. This will include basic bookkeeping, management reports and monthly PAYE, UIF & VAT returns.

Specific projects / needs is charged at R250 per hour. For instance if you want me to help you set up document templates or information flow systems, that will be charged as a specific project over and above normal bookkeeping / accounting; so will setting up QuickBooks on your own computer be. Year-end closing and annual financial statements are not included in the monthly fee but are charged for seperately as well.

For an annual company tax return and an idividual who runs a business I charge R600, and for a salaried person's return R500. The 2 provisional tax returns are R200 each. Providing tax related advice and guidance will also be billed as ad hoc consultation at R250 per hour.

QuickBooks cost R650 for the entry level version and R3,300 for the Pro edition. Installing and setting it up on your computer will cost between R1000 and R1500. Training you to use the system is charged at R250 per hour.

It would be best if we could discuss your situation in detail in order for me to give you an accurate quote.